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Our Mission
To drive realization of your business objectives through unwavering attention and guidance directed by practical experienced executives.

Delivered Results

Performance Incarnate is a solid operating team focused on the realization of requirements and goals of our clients.

Growth Services

  • Re-marketed a product that an engineering firm had been unsuccessful in selling for over 10 years.  Created value analysis that demonstrated a 15% productivity gain to customers when quantifying the “work” done by the product.  With remapped marketing, the reintroduced product sales gained rapid and significant customer acceptance.
  • Identified an opportunity in residential real estate. Structured an operational and technology platform designed to deliver a standardized, scalable product portfolio. Forecast year 3 revenue in excess of $10M.
  • Manufacturing business was experiencing long term flat cyclical performance.  Developed multi-generation product plan that rolled out multiple new products and businesses. Diversified business doubled in revenue over the next 5 years.
  • Identified patient need for extended hour alternative to emergency room for urgent non-emergency medical needs when regular doctor office is closed.  Launched Immediate Care Center in shopping mall as innovative approach to bringing urgent care medicine into consumer friendly, ease access environment.  Project was instantly successful with year over year revenue growth in excess of 50%.
  • We have conducted a large portfolio of start-up company evaluations, due diligence and planning initiatives.

Cost Management Services:

  • Redesigned software support center. A new sales and order management process was developed and implemented. Simultaneously converted a $600K annual cost center to $1.0M annual revenue center while improving customer satisfaction. $1.6M improvement.
  • Initiated effort to improve profitability of manufacturing company product portfolio that was experiencing declining gross margins.  Action plan a) drove cost reduction engineering effort, b) successfully achieved price increases on key proprietary product lines, and c) trimmed non-performing products from portfolio.  Achieved 25% increase in ongoing gross margin.
  • National insurance company had inflexible, expensive planning/budget tools that did not enable timely analysis of customer trends and patterns. Created PC budget and planning system for that provided management with inexpensive, flexible tools for analysis.  Eliminated requirement for outside software provider services with over $250K in annual savings.
  • $50M Vision Company, subsidiary of Fortune 5 company.  Facilitated business model shift for merger, saved $3M in operating cost, retained key employees, worked with other divisional presidents to finalize business model implementation and setup merger, renegotiated key vendor contracts, finalized build of sales/distribution channel.  Combined new entity $250M post completed operations merger.

Operations and Transitional Management:

  • Identified opportunity to create lease business with new power equipment due to productivity advances.  Successfully launched effort with over $100 MM in assets.  Overall ROI on project in excess of 100% per year.
  • Redesign enterprise order management for $600M international reseller of computing products. Problems were determined to be unsolvable at departmental levels within the company; therefore, enterprise corrective plans were developed. Corrective actions resulted in 3 to 10X ROI for independent initiatives linked to enterprise strategy.

Turnaround and Corporate Renewal:





  • Took over management of manufacturing company that had significant deterioration in customer sales.   Diversified customer and industry base with 4-fold increase in new projects.  Created proprietary product lines with improved margins versus contract manufacturing.  Stabilized business and profitably grew top line over 60 % with revised business strategy.
  • Operational turnaround of a $250M value added reseller (public company carve-out) with 27 locations. Operations triage to stop cash depletion, supply chain/EDI implementation and reorganization, purchasing department and vendor reorganization for new business model. Full IT systems/process replacement. Company is now profitable.

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